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WP Tao is a simple but powerful WordPress plugin for tracking website visitors. It allows to identify users and keep track of their activities. With this information, you can better align your website to visitors and increase conversion.

Ready to work in a few clicks!

No additional resources or external services needed. Just install and activate plugin and start gathering data!

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Integrated with most popular ecommerce solutions

WP Tao is integrated with most popular ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads and can track such actions as: add to cart, remove from cart, make order and payment events. This feature gives you ability to monitor abandoned carts and take appropriate action (e.g. send email to potential customer offering discount).

You can also easily identify most valuable customer or check average sale value.


Our goal is to provide the best WordPress tracking software for small entrepreneurs. Saying "best" we mean intuitive, free, oriented on ecommerce and developers friendly.

Innovative dashboard

where you have access to "espresso reports"

Intuitive timeline

for viewing recorded events

Tracking user from first visit

using fingerprinting technology (works even with cookie turned off in browser)

Tracking events like:

pageview, search, login, register, contact, comment, add to cart, remove from cart, order and payment

Developers friendly

You can easily add your own events (e.g. when you want to integrate with custom ecommerce solution)

Endless possibilities

with extensions

Have an idea for a new integration or feature? We’d love to hear your suggestions. Please get in touch with us!


Innovative Dashboard

WP Tao has innovative Dashboard which immediately provide you clean and simple reports with key information.

General timeline

User timeline

WP Tao is 100% free.

Just download it now and start analyze your customers behavior to optimize your website!

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