WP Tao MailChimp

Do you use a MailChimp mailing system?  Do you use it to send messages to your recipients base? Do you want to identify visitors of your website faster and to monitor efficiency of your mailing campaigns?

Familiarize with WP Tao MailChimp.

WP Tao MailChimp is an extension intended for WP Tao, which enables you:

a) to identify visitors of your website faster.

Since links in messages sent from the MailChimp system can be marked, WP Tao MailChimp is able to identify immediately a person, who clicks on the links and visits a site, where the extension operates. To assure proper format of the links, it is enough to activate eCommerce360 option in the MailChimp campaign’s settings.

Quick identification enables to react better if a user e.g. rejects a basket or visits a page with a product a few times without making any decision on a purchase. Since such a visitor is identified, it is possible to send a message to him/her and to offer some help or a support etc.

b) Monitor sale results for particular mailing campaigns.

Therefore, it is possible to determine sale volume generated by a particular campaign performed by means of the MailChimp in a particular period. It provides a chance to identify the best campaign immediately and such campaigns, which must be optimized to achieve better results.


How does it works?

After installation and activation of the extension, it is enough to enter an API key from the MailChimp system into settings (WP Tao -> Settings -> Extensions -> MailChimp API). Once the key has been entered, there will be started downloading of contacts available at your MailChimp account. If a WP Tao plug in has already registered visits on a website, which have mc_eid parameter, and a user connected with such an action is not identified, the extension will carry out an identification. Every new visit, after clicking on the link in a mail, results in an immediate identification of a user. An extension will also take over new contacts from your account in the MailChimp system regularly.

Note: To assure proper operation of the extension it is necessary to activate the eCommerce360 option when configuring a mailing campaign in the MailChimp system.

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