WP Tao Recover Lost Sales

Did you know that, on average, 68.63% (source) buyers in your store abandon their shopping cart and never finish their order? Did you know that if all these people had made the purchase, the average value of your sales would have increased by more than 3 times? This means that every $1, which you earn today, would turn into $3!

Obviously, in practice to recover the entire amount is very difficult, if not impossible, but even if you recover several percent, by automating this process, you instantly and effortlessly earn more. You also have more customers, who opened wallets, and such people are willing to buy again (assuming of course that you do your best to make them satisfied with the purchase).

How to automate the recovery of abandoned shopping carts?

First of all, we should distinguish between two situations: when a customer placed an order but did not paid for it and when an anonymous client only added a product to the cart and for some reason did not complete the purchase. Most tools used for saving carts focus on the first group of customers, whereas most of the money is in the other group.

The problem is that people who only add something to the cart usually remain anonymous, and due to the fact that we do not know who was trying to make a purchase and abandoned the cart, we do not know who to contact (and ask e.g. if there was a technical problem that we do not know about). But here, WP Tao technology can help!

WP Tao Recover Lost Sales

WP Tao RLS is a plug-in to WP Tao, which will increase sales in your online store by the automatic recovery of abandoned shopping carts and unpaid orders.

The plug-in interprets the behaviour of store users and on this basis identifies cases of abandoned shopping carts and unpaid orders. When WP Tao follows the identified user and RLS detects cart abandonment, an attempt is made to save the sale. RLS sends a message to the customer, the content of which can be freely configured. The message contains a link that allows the customer to instantly go to the order and complete the purchase.

A sample message might look like this:

Hello {customer_name},

I just had the information that you attempted to place an order in the store www.buyitnow.com.
This process, however, has not been brought to an end. Did you encounter a problem when ordering? Can I help?

Your order is still waiting for you. You can now complete your purchase by clicking on the link below:

If you have any questions, do not hesitate – contact me by responding to this e-mail or using the form available on the website:

Keep in mind that prices change rapidly and there is no guarantee that they will remain so low!

Best regards,
John Smith (www.buyitnow.com)

Supported sales platforms.

WP Tao RLS supports two largest sales platforms, i.e. WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. It is also possible to integrate the plug-in with other sales platforms based on WordPress (please write to us if you use a different platform and are interested in RLS).

Why WP Tao RLS is better than other competitive solutions?

Competitive solutions do not cope with recovering abandoned shopping carts of clients that are not logged-in (guests). The omitted group means a lot of people who will never come back and will not spend their money in your store. Maybe they will go to the competition?

WP Tao RLS solves this problem by being integrated with WP Tao, which has an advanced identification and tracking system of customers visiting your store.

Abandoned carts

An abandoned shopping cart is detected when the user has not made the order after one hour from adding items to the cart. The recovery lost sales process will start when the person who abandoned the cart was previously identified by WP Tao.
The waiting time and the contents of the e-mail can be changed in the settings of WP Tao -> Settings -> Recovery lost sales (tab) -> Cart abandoned cut-off time.

Missed payments

An missed payment due is detected when the user placed an order and did not pay for it within 5 days.
The number of days of waiting can be changed in the settings of WP Tao -> Settings -> Recovery lost sales (tab) -> Awaiting payment to X days.


The progress in the recovery of sales can be monitored on the sites with reports that are available from the side menu of WP Tao in the WordPress administration panel.
There are two reports available: for abandoned shopping carts and unpaid orders.


You will receive WP Tao RLS with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you find that this tool does not meet your expectations, you can return it any time without explaining the reasons for your decision.
Why such a guarantee? We are sure that our product will quickly bring you tangible benefits. We also want to give you the opportunity to try it out, because you might think that for some reason this tool is not for you. That is why you have 30 days to verify it. It is the best “demo” we can give you!
Stop wasting money in your store! Invest now in the WP Tao RLS. A return on investment will come very quickly, and you will automatically increase your profits in this simple way!


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