WP Tao is a plugin for WordPress that enables to track users’ behaviour on your site. For proper operation of the plugin, it is required to have PHP version> 5.3 and WordPress> 3.8.
If you have problems installing and running the plugin, read the article How to start?

Information for the User

The section entitled “For the User” contains information that will help you understand the basic principles of the plugin. Thanks to that, your work with WP Tao will be more efficient and more conscious.

WP Tao has several in-built events that allow you to collect information about the behaviour of the user. In the Tracking section, you will learn what these events are.

Some events allow to identify the person who browses the website. More information about anonymous and identified users can be found in the Identification of users section.

Quantitative data collected by WP Tao can be viewed and analysed through espresso reports located in the main panel of the plugin and in detailed reports.
The exact user behaviour on your site can be viewed on a timeline. The timeline allows you to view global events (all visitors on one timeline) as well as personalized one (events only of one visitor). In addition, it is possible to perform an advanced filtration of the timeline.

Information for developers

WP Tao is a basic plugin, which can be integrated with all solutions based on WordPress. WP Tao tracks the user on the basis of several default events. Developers can easily add new events, that will allow to keep track of virtually any behaviour. Thanks to that, WP Tao can be integrated with individual sale systems or custom forms.

Events in the WP Tao are triggered from PHP and JavaScript.

A sample event initiated from the level of a (PHP) server is an order for the product through the WooCommerce platform. After placing the order, WooCommerce triggers an action do_action('woocommerce_checkout_order_processed', $order_id). WP Tao attaches to this action and creates a new event assigned to a specific user. If until now the user was anonymous, he is identified on the basis of the an e-mail provided in the order. Learn more about registering custom events.

WP Tao allows to register events triggered on the client side. This can be any behaviour, for example clicking on any HTML element, scrolling to the bottom of the screen, and any other events that can be triggered using JavaScript. Learn more about registering custom client-side.

The data that will be collected after registering custom events can be viewed on the timeline. This form of presenting information may be insufficient. WP Tao allows you to prepare a custom report.


If you cannot find in the documentation the necessary information, please let us know.. Also, do not forget to read the FAQ.