Users guide

WP Tao collects data about user’s behaviour immediately after activating the plugin. The processed data can be viewed by users with administrator’s privileges.

After a successful installation and activation of the plugin in WordPress administration panel, a new menu item can be seen, “WP Tao”, with subpages “Panel”, “Users”, “Events”, “Settings”.


The panel is the main webpage of the plugin, which contains the truncated (espresso) reports and hints. From here you can also go to detailed reports. More information on the WP Tao panel.


The proper use of WP Tao requires an understanding of the process of identifying visitors to the site. In the article Identification of users, it is explained who the unidentified and identified users are, when the identification takes place, and what the benefits of the identified users are.

Events on the timeline

The behaviour of visitors to the site is presented on timelines. The timelines allow to view, step-by-step, what actions the user performed after his first entry to the website.