The WP Tao Panel is a place where are the statistics for the last 30 days are displayed in a summary form that is easier to analyse.


Different colours of elements help to quickly identify the right type of data.

  • Blue – shows events related to the movement of the user on the site, such as number of visits, most frequently visited pages or the most searched phrases.
  • Turquoise – user-related events, such as logging on, registration, identification of the contact, etc.
  • Red – events related to sales, including information about the total and average value of sold products or services, about the most active buyers and the number of removals from a cart.
  • Purple – the number of messages sent from the contact forms

Detailed reports

Most abbreviated reports have a full detailed report. To display this report, click the icon of a bar graph located in the lower right of the tile.


For more information about the reports, see: Detailed reports.