Events on the timeline

All recorded events can be viewed on the timeline. WP Tao shows two types of timelines. The first of these (a global timeline) displays events that are common to all users, the second (a profile timeline) shows events recorded only for a specific user.

Global timeline

A global timeline can be displayed by clicking on the tab WP Tao -> Events.


Side panel

In the side panel there is a summary of the most common types of events for a set period of time. Next to the names of the events, in parentheses, the number of occurrences is displayed. By default, the list is displayed for the last 30 days..

Another element of the side panel is a filter of events. With it you can create your own lists of events. The key elements of filtration are:

  • Viewing events for any date range
  • Viewing events of a particular type, category or tag
  • Hiding events of an unidentified user
  • Setting the number of events displayed on a single page

The timeline displays all events divided into years, months and days. Every single event consists of:

  • An icon and a colour defining the type of the event
  • An hour when the event was registered
  • A title and description
  • A name of the user to which the event has been assigned or the fingerprint ID if it was not possible to associate the event with the user.

Timeline in the user’s profile

Each registered user has a profile, which displays valuable information. A profile can be displayed by clicking the WP Tao -> Users -> View Profile. The link View Profile will be displayed when you hover around the username you want to preview.


The timeline of events in the user profile is slightly different from the global timeline.


Events on the timeline help to analyse in detail users’ behaviour on the site. It becomes possible to trace, step by step, the actions taken by a particular person during the session on the site. This allows to draw precise conclusions and take appropriate action, e.g. quickly identify the customer who removed an item from the cart and send him a discount code.