Identification of users

What happens before identification?

WP Tao uses the “fingerprint” technology by which it is possible to track the user’s behaviour on the site from the very first visit (even with disabled cookies).
Anonymous data about the user’s visits and activity is stored in a database and will be used at the moment of identification.

The behaviour of the user before identification can be tracked on a global timeline. Such a user will appear on the timeline as Unidentified (x), where x represents his fingerprint ID:


When does the identification take place?

To identify the user, it is required to have his e-mail address or phone number. The identification process is carried out in the background. The minimum information from the user is when he provides his e-mail or a phone number while filling in the contact form, placing an order, subscribing to the newsletter or adding comment.

What happens after identification?

On the basis of the “fingerprints”, all prior events belong to an identified person will be associated. New events will also be now associated with a particular person.

Additionally, a profile of an identified person will be created, where you can view the entire history of the events displayed on the timeline as well as other valuable information such as:

  • Address
  • List of associated fingerprints
  • Time of the last activity
  • One’s own notes

List of identified persons

All identified persons are displayed in WP Tao -> Users.


After moving the cursor onto a person, the following links will be displayed:

  • View profile – a detailed profile will display with all events assigned to this person
  • Edit – a form will display to be used for updating information about a person or adding your own notes
  • Actions – a form will be displayed that will make it possible to remove a contact with all the assigned events, to delete the contact leaving the assigned event and to add a contact to the blacklist.